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What to Wear to a Fairytale Shoot

Have you ever wanted to take part in a fairytale shoot, but were unsure about what to wear?

Magic Doesn't Have to Mean an Expensive Wardrobe

While there are a thousand sources for finding wardrobe, intricate fairytale costumes can be expensive. But it doesn't have to be.

The best thing about fine art portraiture is that it's creative, doesn't fit in a box, and you can make something out of just about anything. However, I've narrowed down the process to help you get the best results for your photoshoot.

What to Look For (Women & Girls)

  • Volume and Layers: If you are wearing a gown, the dresses that tend to give off a magical feel have transparent layers and will fall away from you to fill space.

  • Movement: The most important part of this list, in my opinion. A dress with movement is a gown that can catch the wind, or has panels that flow and billow. They make the most eye catching visuals.

  • Unique Sleeves: Having an unusual sleeve style (puffy sleeves/flowy sleeves) adds interest to your shoot. It may not be a dress you'd wear around town, but for this keepsake it creates texture.

  • Detail: Beads and embroidery make a dress extra unique, and why not be a little over the top?

Where to Look for Fairytale Wardrobe

  • ETSY: If you are looking for an incredible, intricate, unique to you piece of wardrobe, I suggest you head here and search away. There are hundreds of fantasy and fairytale designer that make incredible gowns and costumes. $$$$

  • Amazon: Sometimes you can get lucky and find really great dresses on amazon, or tunics for men. The prices can range, but you may be able to find affordable options here. $$$

  • Thrift Stores: Ever tried second hand shopping? It is a treasure trove of uncovered magic. From accessories, to dresses, to jackets, you can find all sorts of fascinating pieces here. Another man's trash is a photographers dream shoot! $$

  • Your Closet: Bridesmaid dress you will never wear again? Prom dress that's been hiding in the back of your closet? These make amazing options

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